PARENT Testimonials & Reviews

Loving, Caring, Inspirational

“My boys are excited each day to go to school and this is due to the loving, caring, and inspirational atmosphere that Oakdale Christian Academy and it’s team of teachers and administrators provide the children that attend the school. My children never cease to come home with confidence.  I could not be more pleased with this excellent school!”

Vivian Joseph

Genuine Love Of Teaching And Children

“Why do we love OCA? We LOVE that our son has the same teacher for multiple years. Kids are encouraged to be their unique, amazing selves. When kids get fidgety they aren't made to sit still, they are redirected with t-stools. The entire staff shows a genuine love of teaching and children. The older kids are encouraged to foster relationships that encourage the younger kids. The after school program is also amazing, combining outdoor play, art and building to keep those neurons firing. EVERYDAY our son comes home happy, singing and eager to teach us what he has learned.”

Cassandra Lecher

Christ At The Center

“We love OCA for our child because it gives her the opportunity to learn in a small classroom with Christ at the center. The teachers and staff are great at exemplifying God's love to the children.”

Ethan and Amanda Heard

We Love The Passion

“We love OCA’s commitment to excellence, Christian education, and fundamentals. We love the passion of the staff at OCA and the partnership between parents and teachers.” 

Adam Jordan

Awesome Teachers Who Care

“I love Oakdale Christian Academy for so many reasons like the loving family type atmosphere, individualized teaching, awesome teachers who care about the students, adventurous field trips, no bullying, and this school educates rather than indoctrinates. I became extremely concerned about the things being taught in public school. My son is no longer forced what to think or believe and instead is able to have his own individual thoughts. The Academy sticks with the old-style teaching rather than Common Core. I love the fact that he is learning about God and Christian values while at the same time being taught everything else. I am so fortunate to have found Oakdale Christian Academy! I'm now able to give my son a true education and at such a reasonable price. They also have a great after school program ran by Cindy, who my son absolutely adores :-)”

Shelly Melching

TOP 10 Reasons Students & Parents Love Oakdale

Safe Educational Space

“Knowing that our children are in a safe, educational space that is founded on the teachings of Jesus is an absolute gift and answer to prayer. They are able to thrive in a passionate environment with teachers that have a heart on fire for God. Oakdale Christian offers what our sacred youth need to face this challenging world.”

Vessels Family

We asked our parents and students here at Oakdale Christian Academy what it is that they like most because we care about their feedback. That is how we grow and tailor our school to ensure that every student is happy and excels academically. We invite you to get to know more about us.

"All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children."

Isaiah 54:13