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Not just college prep...College for Real!

At OCA, we don't just provide our high school students a college preparatory education, we actually enroll them in University as Juniors. Every single one of our existing Juniors and Seniors completes a minimum of four, 4-unit college courses each year. When our students graduate high school, they will have completed, at a minimum, one full year of University. Imagine that!

Did you notice the wording? There are no equivocations, no buts, no exceptions. Every one of our students, each one, meets this challenge. What kind of school can make this 100% promise? The kind that well prepares, fully supports and then appropriately challenges each student with individualized instruction. But more than that, we're picky. Our high school students must be self-directing, self-correcting students who contribute the edification of the classroom.

Did you do the math yet? Considering typical university costs today, it's actually less expensive to send your children to Oakdale Christian for 4 years than free public school.


Enroll your children today!


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