Individualized Academic Program

Individualized academic program customized to your child. Whether your child needs to catch up or is looking to be challenged, we are able to cater the program to meet your desires for your child.

Small School and Small Classes

You and your child will receive personal care and support.

High Achievement

Individualized instruction with rigorous expectations result in highly motivated, highly successful students.  We require Mastery Learning, meaning students don't stop until they know the material inside and out, which explains how ALL our students become full-time college students.

Less Homework

Without the burden of excessive homework, your child and you will get a break from the time and tension that often accompanies it. We encourage our families to use the extra time to sign up for music, play outside, join a sports team, etc. Enrich your lives.


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Christlike Character

Oakdale Christian Academy's primary purpose is to introduce the love and character of Christ to our students, and to help them develop their relationship with Him to the fullest.  Our desire is for each student to develop a character lived out in reverence and respect for God.  Love, humility, sacrifice and service will be hallmarks of our successful student.

Early College

An inspired learner, one whose eagerness to learn is driven by desire and purpose, is easily prepared and transitioned to the rigor of college courses. The richness and variety of university level courses are the exciting reward.  Early College students achieve at least 16 units per year, graduating with a full year or more of college completed.  This may sound like a stressful feat, but with individualized instruction, endless support and comprehensive curriculum, our students exceed expectations at every turn, all the while with smiles on their faces.

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"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him."

Psalm 127:3