Not All Education is Equal, See What Makes us Different

Individualized academic program

Individualized academic program customized to your child. Whether your child needs to catch up or is looking to be challenged, we are able to cater the program to meet your desires for your child.

Small School/Small Classes

You and your child will receive personal care and support.

High Achievement

Without the burden of excessive homework, your child and you will get a break from the time and tension that often accompanies it. We encourage our families to use the extra time to sign up for music, play outside, join a sports team, etc. Enrich your lives.


We are right here in Oakdale. No commute and we are a part of the community.


Our Belief

At Oakdale Christian Academy we strive to give our students more than simply an education; we aim to show them the path to a happy, well-rounded, and Christ-like way of living. Students are given the opportunity to excel academically in a setting where the sky is the limit instead of being limited to grade-level allotted expectations. Furthermore, our students learn life lessons outside of textbooks and tests. Pride in their school, teamwork, and group work all foster personal growth and teach our children how to "live a life God would be proud of". Our students know that they are in a safe and loving environment which expands their drive to succeed in academics, and life. 

Our Vision

We teach our students to be responsible in their studies in preparation for a bright future. As a result, our high school students consistently exceed expectations. Not only do our high school students maintain at least a B average or higher, all simultaneously take college courses, and average 16 units per student each year. This may sound like a stressful feat, but with individualized instruction, endless support, and comprehensive curriculum our students exceed expectations at every turn, and with smiles on their faces.