See The Difference for Yourself

We have asked our parents and students here at Oakdale Christian Academy what it is that they like most, here is what they had to say. 

Parents' Favorites


Every Child is unique and learns differently. We specialize in customizing our instruction to meet the students not only at their level, but also their interests. 


God's love is exemplified, offering a safe and peaceful environment where students are kind and courteous. We pray and study the bible together.

Great Environment

Small class sizes allow the teachers to get to know each child's personality and carte for them individually.

Child Loves to go to School

The natural result of all we do to ensure that our students are successful academically and emotionally.

Excellent Teachers

Good ideas are just that, ideas. It's all in the execution, and excellence requires Godly mentors who are superior in skills and knowledge. 

No Homework

Most homework just doesn't contribute to learning for K-8 students. Actually, our students often do learning activities at home, but since it is reasonable and relevant, it doesn't feel like homework.

Field Trips

Every month our students explore real-life learning and have shared adventures that will last a lifetime. 

Community Service

Selflessness can only be learned by doing selfless acts. A servant's heart and humility are key to being Christ-like.

Discipline - Honor/Respect

Our biblical approach to discipline supports the traditional values of respecting authority and honoring our peers.

Rigorous -Without Stress

Making it fun inspires a kid to work very hard and learn more, without the pressure of performing or fear of failure.

Students' Favorites

Laid Back Class - Couches

A comfortable environment helps the students relax and just be kids, as well as promoting learning by removing the "stuffy" feeling of average classrooms.

Awesome/Loving Teachers

Relationships are the key to inspiring children. If they know the teacher in on their side, they will work that much harder.

Freedom/ We are Trusted

The only way a child becomes trustworthy is by being trusted. A classroom based on trust requires fewer rules and allows for more freedom.

No Homework

They constantly read at home and often take home activities to work on themselves, but don't consider it homework.

Field Trips/Minimum Day

We dedicate Fridays to targeted learning and fun activities. If we don't have a field trip, we end the day at noon, allowing families a head start on the weekend.

Bible Study/Prayer

Can you believe it, the students themselves highlight this as one of their favorite things about going to OCA, further demonstrating that our students grow emotionally as well as academically.

Welcoming Community

We require kindness and courtesy, and the kids love going to school where they know they won't be teased or laughed at.

Great Environment - Fun

It's not necessarily that we play a lot of games, but rather when a student works hard and finds success, it just feels good.

Go to Camp Every Year

Hume Lake offers a fantastic Christian camp where students find Christ through play.

Learn A Lot

100% of our students are successful and excel academically.

More Parent Testimonials


Tony Albertoni

Oakdale Christian Academy has the perfect combination for a solid education to prepare students for college, all under a Christian umbrella. Our daughter has been flourishing both academically and personally this year at OCA, and we could not be happier.

Debbie Stephens

I am so grateful for what Oakdale Christian Academy did to prepare my son for his future. I'm thankful to Mr. Cole for the years he poured into my son, and for the fine young man my son is now as a result.


Maria Belaski

The Students learn lifelong values as they grow to be men and women of God. We love Oakdale Christian Academy.

Amanda Jordan

Since switching to Oakdale Christian Academy our son's grades have improved along with his desire to learn. He is excited every morning to go to school. He loves the friendships that he has gained there with peers and teachers. As parents we love the no homework policy, allowing family time to be just that.